Abbreviations 101

Are you confused by marketing acronyms like API, SEO, and WOM? This guide explains the most common abbreviations in the industry. For more acronyms and abbreviations, please check here.

A marketing document is sometimes a bit like alphabet soup. The letters are recognizable, but the jumble is so great that it’s hard to make out any meaning. Here we break down some of the most common marketing acronyms and buzzwords to take the guesswork out of what CTA, CRM, and WOM mean.


An application programming interface (API) is essentially a digital intermediary. It allows applications to communicate seamlessly. In short, an API makes your Facebook share button work and allows your website visitors to instantly post content for friends on their Facebook page.


Cost per action (CPA) is an important budgeting concept that shows the amount of investment required for certain milestones: a click on your website, subscribing to a newsletter, or purchasing a product. This number can be used to compare which marketing strategies are the most cost-effective.


The call to action (CTA) is like the homework you give your audience. These are the sales instructions at the end of your marketing message that tell the customer, “Buy now!” or “Sign up now!”. Our partners are experts in designing CTAs that get clicks.


Speaking of clicks, your click-through rate (CTR) is one of the metrics your partner uses to measure the success of an ad campaign. It’s basically the percentage of how many people viewed something and then clicked a link. By using tagging, dynamic content, eye-catching email templates, A/B testing and writing compelling CTAs, a partner can improve your CTR.


Good customer relationship management (CRM) helps you retain existing customers, increase their spend, and convert prospects into new customers. As an all-in-one marketing platform, CRM technology is built into Mailchimp. So you can keep an eye on demographic information, interactions, purchases and much more. Properly configuring and setting up your audiences is essential to getting the most out of Mailchimp. A partner can guide you through this process and ensure that you use the full potential of the data collected.


When it comes to marketing, it’s important to keep track of what’s working and why. Establishing some relevant metrics ( Key Performance Indicators, KPIs) like open, click, bounce, and conversion rates that you can use to track and measure success is key to achieving your goals.


For a small business, every bit of budget counts. That’s why you need to make sure your spending pays off. Return on Investments (ROI) is a calculation of the monetary value of an investment compared to its cost, defined as the ratio of the net profit to the total cost of the investment. ROI is an extremely useful tool for evaluating previous business decisions (e.g. hiring a partner) and as a basis for future decisions.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing find you better online. There are various techniques for this, e.g. the use of frequently searched terms in your web texts, so-called keywords. Regardless, a solid SEO strategy can significantly impact the number of clicks on your website and therefore the number of potential customers you reach online.


A Statement of Work (SOW) is like a roadmap for a project. It sets out the schedule, budget, deliverables, and expectations for both you and the freelancers or agencies you work with. The content of SOWs varies from project to project, but should be detailed enough for all stakeholders to understand the scope, cost, and stakeholders of a job.


User experience (UX) describes how a customer interacts with your brand. A smooth user experience – a functional app interface, an intuitive website – gives a positive impression of what you do and ultimately makes it easier for people to access your products and services.


Word of mouth (WOM) is when people talk about your business online and in real life. This is a good sign that interest in your products and services is growing and people are telling their friends and family about them.

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