What does Cruelty stand for?

Cruelty is called a cruel and inhuman action that generates pain and suffering in another being. Because of what this term derived from the Latin crudelitas represents, the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy cites it as an example and representation of impiety, inhumanity and fierceness of spirit.

A cruelty can be committed by people of all ages and harm any kind of creature. A child, for example, can carry out the cruelty of humiliating a classmate with hurtful phrases at school for being of another nationality, while an adult can be cruel to his son by not celebrating his birthday as punishment for fighting with his friends. brothers.

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Attaching heavy cars to a horse for it to drag, spreading poison on a street to kill stray pets and leaving a dog abandoned in the middle of a road are also examples of cruelty to animals.

This word that encompasses aberrant practices promoted by man also allows us to synthesize in a single word heartless attitudes that cause the suffering of the elderly, who due to the cruelty of others are often exposed to physical and psychological abuse, since unfortunately there are people who they do not hesitate to harm them protected by the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are defenseless beings.

It is precisely the beings with the least chance of defending themselves who receive acts of cruelty on a daily basis, ranging from apparently innocent attacks to wounds of indelible depth. Nonhuman animals top the list of victims at the hands of our species, as they are used as objects to satisfy all kinds of needs and whims, especially the latter.

In the first place is food; Without entering into a discussion about whether or not human beings should be carnivorous, the injustice of depriving millions of animals a year of their freedom, forcing them to live in crowded conditions and compulsively eat to gain weight in the shortest possible time, cannot be denied. snatching their young to be sacrificed or tortured like their mothers, and killed without giving them a chance to defend themselves.

Would it seem fair to us that a new species appeared and did the same to us? What if he assured us that he needs our meat to survive? It would be an apocalyptic picture for many, with millions of women and men locked in cages, forced to eat fodder and reproduce when their owners decide, being separated from their children after a few months or years to mutilate them and then sell their parts. That, and even worse things, is done daily with some of our fellow planet.

In other words, cruelty is the basic language of human beings, the way we learn to deal with other living beings, despite not knowing it consciously during our upbringing. We are taught to seek a position in a huge and arbitrary pyramid, no matter what we must do to get and keep it. They tell us that we have rights over the rest of the species, and that allows us to carry out all kinds of acts of cruelty, shielded by an never-mentioned cowardice.

If we are capable of hurting our fellow human beings, of physically and psychologically mistreating children, of abusing the elderly who have lost their faculties, of insulting and humiliating people with different skin colours, how can we not use cruelty as basis of our communication with the rest of the living beings? However, the solution is as simple as opening our eyes, looking around us, becoming aware of our actions, and changing. Leave the abuse forever.

For psychiatry, cruelty is a psychological disorder that consists in obtaining pleasure from the suffering of others or in indifference towards the pain of others. Cruelty is also associated with sadism, which is the excitement from causing pain to another subject.