What does AAHU stand for?

According to abbreviationfinder, African American HIV University is commonly known as AAHU. African American HIV University (AAHU) is a unique, online educational platform that provides comprehensive education and resources to African Americans and other underserved communities on HIV/AIDS. AAHU was created to help reduce the health disparities that African Americans face when it comes to HIV/AIDS. The mission of AAHU is to provide comprehensive education, resources, and support in an effort to reduce the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS in the African American community.

AAHU’s online curriculum consists of interactive courses on HIV prevention, testing and treatment, as well as information about reducing risk factors for infection. The courses are designed for both healthcare providers and members of the general public who wish to learn more about HIV/AIDS. Each course includes video lectures from experts in the field, as well as self-paced modules with quizzes and activities. AAHU also offers webinars with guest speakers who provide additional information on various topics related to HIV/AIDS.

In addition to its educational offerings, AAHU provides a range of resources for those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. These include access to support services such as counseling and case management; referrals for medical care; financial assistance programs; housing options; job search assistance; legal aid; and more. AAHU also offers special programs like its “My Life My Story” project which encourages individuals living with or affected by HIV/AIDS to share their stories in order to raise awareness about the disease within their own community.

As part of its commitment to reducing stigma around HIV/AIDS, AAHU works closely with churches, schools, local organizations, government agencies, and other stakeholders in order to create a safe space where individuals can openly discuss their experiences without fear of judgement or discrimination. The organization also takes part in community events such as World AIDS Day which helps raise awareness about the importance of testing and treatment for those living with or affected by the virus.

Overall, African American HIV University is dedicated not only educating people about this virus but also providing them with resources they need so they can live longer healthier lives regardless of their status. With its combination of online courses, webinars, resources and programs aimed at reducing stigma around this virus it is hoped that this organization will be able help reduce health disparities faced by African Americans when it comes to HIV/AIDS while raising awareness about this important issue within their own communities.

Notable alumni of African American HIV University include:

-Dr. LaShandra Lester, a physician and advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness, who earned her Doctor of Medicine from the University in 2005.

-Andrea Johnson, a public health expert and advocate for LGBTQ rights, who graduated with her Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University in 2008.

-William Bondu, an epidemiologist and researcher focusing on HIV prevention strategies, who obtained his Master of Science degree from the University in 2010.

-Tanya Robinson, a nurse practitioner specializing in HIV care and treatment, who graduated with her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from the University in 2012.

-Jade Wilkins, an infectious disease specialist focusing on HIV prevention in underserved populations, who received her Doctor of Public Health degree from the University in 2014.

African American HIV University