Texas – Lone Star State

Texas is a state in the United States of America and is located in the south of the country. The capital of Texas is Austin. The city is located on the Colorado River in central Texas. The Texas surname is “The Lone Star State”. The nickname alludes to the individual star on the state flag.

The history of Texas – Spain, Mexico, USA and cowboys

The Spaniards were the first Europeans to come to today’s region of Texas. After Mexico became independent from Spain, Texas became part of Mexico for a time in 1821.

After this development, there were increasing problems between the residents of Mexico and the American settlers who lived in Texas. In 1836 the American settlers in Texas proclaimed the Republic of Texas.

In the Civil War of America, Texas fought on the southern side against the northern states. During this time, the role of German settlers in Texas became increasingly important. There was organized emigration from Germans to Texas, there was even an “ Association for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas”. Even today, there is still a relatively large proportion of German-speaking residents in Texas.

The typical image of many Americans and also Europeans of Texas is shaped by cowboys and the herds of cattle that drive them. However, this picture is not only true in Texas and does not do justice to the diversity of the state.

Texas is now considered a Republican stronghold. The Democrats have only rarely been able to celebrate election successes in Texas since the 1960s. A famous example of this is John F. Kennedy.

Big Bend National Park – The Rio Grande on the border with Mexico

The Big Bend National Park is located in southern Texas on the border with Mexico. The Rio Grande, which forms the border with Mexico, flows through the middle of the national park. A large part of the park is the Chihuahua desert.

Temperatures in this region can reach 40 ° C in summer. The dry landscape in the national park is home to unique plants and animals.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park – The southernmost foothills of the Rocky Mountains

The Guadalupe Mountains National Park is located in western Texas.

The mountains are the southernmost foothills of the Rocky Mountains and are a strong contrast to the otherwise desert landscape of this region.

Austin – Hold Austin Weird – Keep Austin Weird

Keep Austin Weird – the slogan of the capital of Texas alludes to the student lifestyle in the city. The high density of clubs, bars and concert halls is unique in the USA.

The city was founded as Waterloo. In 1838 it was renamed in honor of the founder of the Texas Republic, Stephan F. Austin.

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The Texas is not a tourist destination in the United States, but is home to different places worth visiting, especially to know the more “traditional” side of USA. Santo Antônio is the second most important city in the state, after Houston. In recent years, the place has gained several cool attractions, boosting local tourism.

The city is famous for its panoramic River Walk, a kind of boardwalk bordering the river, which allows you to easily get around the city center. About 24 km from start to finish, the shaded paths of the River Walk connect hundreds of shops, restaurants, hotels, historic landmarks, museums and attractions.

Texas – a state of special pride. In Texas everything is “bigger and better”, even if this saying is laughed at first, you will quickly notice on site that this is not just a saying but a fact.

Texas is the second largest state in the United States and is located in the south. Metropolises like Houston are best known for their food – the steak should not be missed here. But not only here, Houston alone has 6 pro sports teams and huge parks. The capital, Austin, is currently the eighth best city in the United States. Large companies like Dell are placed here and music festivals also take place.

Who is not familiar with the series Dallas . Dallas is also a city in Texas and is best known for its art districts and music scene.