Meaning of Roof

The etymological root of roof is found in Hispanic Arabic. The concept refers, in its most common sense, to the roof of a building that can be used in different ways.

Also referred to as a terrace, the roof is the upper sector of a house or building. It is a flat surface that can be accessed to perform different actions: observe the landscape, hang wet clothes to dry, etc. It is also common for antennas to be installed on the roof.

Television antennas, both local network and satellite dishes (which allow access to content of international origin) are usually placed on rooftops, since signal reception from there is better than at levels closer to the ground. In community buildings, it is common for many families to share a single antenna, for which the installation of certain accessories is necessary.

For example: “I just came from the rooftop: because of the gray clouds in the sky, I think it’s about to start raining”, “Can you go up to the roof and see if my pants are already dry?” , “I like to read romance novels on the roof when the sun is out.

Hanging out after washing is another of the activities that people tend to do most frequently on the roof. As in the case of the antenna, in the apartment blocks all the neighbors must share the roof, although there may be divisions so that each one accesses a different part.

The roof can be used in several ways. There are even those who place chairs, armchairs and / or tables to have an outdoor environment. In this way, it is possible to organize dinners or meetings on the roof of the house. To cope with the high temperatures of summer and the rains, a structure that acts as a roof should never be lacking, under which the aforementioned furniture is located.

There are several options for protecting your rooftop furniture from the elements, including an awning and a gazebo. The first must be attached to an iron structure, the installation of which is relatively difficult for someone without the proper tools and knowledge; the gazebo, on the other hand, is a kind of tent that simply demands a little free space and can be moved from one point to another without much effort. In both cases, the cost is not excessive but neither are they cheap items and they also require a certain maintenance.

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Decorating the roof can become a real hobby, just as it happens with lovers of gardening or DIY. And, in the same way, this activity is not always very beneficial for the pocket; Although there are endless materials and accessories, many of them very cheap, which can be used with great dedication on the part of the user to make everything at home, it is not a treat that someone with a minimum wage can indulge in.

In the case of high-rise buildings, the roof can be used for the installation of a helipad – a space for helicopters to take off and land. These heliports can be used for the transfer of passengers or for emergency flights. It goes without saying that this use is not normal, and in fact it cannot be seen in all cities, but in the most developed ones.

In colloquial language, a person’s head can be referred to as a rooftop. Hence the expression “being bad on the roof”, which refers to an individual who suffers some kind of mental imbalance.