Meaning of Nursing Assistant

Nursing is a concept linked to health and the health system. It can be about the profession that consists of the care and attention of sick and wounded under clinical criteria; the studies required to obtain said degree; dependency for the care of the sick; or the group of patients from a certain place or time.

Auxiliary, on the other hand, is that or that which helps (that provides assistance, help or collaboration). The term is used to name the technical or administrative officer of a subordinate category.

According to DigoPaul, it is known as nursing assistant to the person who has a technical degree in nursing. The scope of this profession varies by country, as the concept is used to name various degrees of training.

In Spain, for example, the nursing assistant is trained to feed and sanitize the sick or injured, analyze vital signs, and administer oral or rectal medication.

In the same way, we must not forget that this professional is also trained to carry out these other important actions for the well-being of the patient:
• Make beds for the sick, when necessary.
• Order and classify everything that would be the lingerie material of the hospital.
• Receive and distribute food carts for people who are admitted to the hospital.
• Have the materials of the carts used to undertake the treatments in a perfect state of cleanliness and order.
• Transfer the communications, documentation and notifications that are required by their superiors.

In Spain, it must also be established that in order to obtain this qualification it is necessary to carry out a cycle of Vocational Training (FP) at a medium level. In it, students will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in areas such as health documentation, cleaning of material, dental or stomatological aid techniques, basic nursing techniques, hygiene in the hospital environment, relationships in the team work or administrative operations.

Thanks to this training, people who manage to obtain the title of Nursing Assistant will have the possibility of finding a job in various spaces. Thus, they will be able to practice as such in home care, in nursing homes, in primary and community care centers within the health sector, in hospitals within the emergency area, in dental clinics or spas and thermal centers as well as in affairs departments councils, among other options.

In Latin America, auxiliary nurses have basic nursing training and are in a position to perform cures or cleanings under the supervision of a superior.

Typically, the nursing assistant works as a team with nurses and doctors in hospitals, health centers or offices. The doctor is the one who makes the most important decisions and orders the nursing assistant what tasks to perform.

In this way, the doctor can examine a patient who is hospitalized and ask the nursing assistant to give him a certain antibiotic every twelve hours, for example.

Nursing Assistant