Meaning of Chamber

A CHAMBER is a place for rest or lodging. The concept may refer to a particular room or environment, or to the building that is used as a lodging.

For example: “Thanks for dinner, now I am going to retire to my room to rest”, “Where will we find a room in this town? Is there nobody on the street and all the shops are closed? ” , “Women showed their displeasure with the room assigned to him”.

Often the notion of chamber is used in the plural to name the private quarters of a castle a palace or similar building that only the monarch can use: “The king, before retiring to her room, asked anyone to disturb”, “Her majesty is resting in her chambers, ” “The princess requested that food be served in her chambers since she is not feeling well. ”

There are several expressions that are formed with the word room. The courtroom, to cite one case, is the residence that was granted to the monarch’s servants. The board of apartments, on the other hand, was the entity that had the function of distributing and assigning the rooms used by the servants of a palace.

In the same way, we cannot overlook historically what is known as a room royalty. Under this name is a tax that existed in the Middle Ages and which establishes that there was an obligation to give up a part of the house to be able to temporarily house the entourages that accompanied a king, the military and even court officials.

However, this tax was extended for a long time, since when Felipe II came to the throne and decided that Madrid was going to be the capital of the court, he established it as such.

However, there is always the picaresque of the human being to face situations. Hence what arose in calling houses of malice, so-called because they were built in such a way that it was avoided that the tax could be applied. Basically they were buildings that apparently only had one floor, when in reality they had more spaces, but these were hidden. Thus it was come to believe that they were really small homes.

It was in the 19th century when the aforementioned tax was ended for which many houses had to have a more modest appearance. Thus, historians acknowledge that, for example, in the Barrio de las Letras in Madrid there were numerous houses that on its facade seemed to have only one floor when, in reality, it was not so. Among them it seems that that of Lope de Vega himself.

Finally, Aposento is the name of a Spanish rock band. The group, formed in Logroño, is considered one of the pioneers of the death metal genre in the country.