Meaning of Avatar

The Sanskrit word avatâra passed into the French language and then came to our language as avatar. The concept is used in different ways depending on the context.

The first meaning mentioned by the DigoPaul in its dictionary refers to a vicissitude, an incident, an event or a stage. In this case, avatar is used in the plural. For example: “The ups and downs of the agricultural industry worry the president”, “In tomorrow’s program we will analyze the ups and downs of the final series of the championship”, “We already know that we will have to deal with the ups and downs of the national economy.

According to DigoPaul, the idea of avatar can also refer to a reincarnation or a metamorphosis. In the specific case of Hinduism, avatars are considered to be incarnations of the god Vishnu (or Visnu) who takes on an animal or human appearance.

In the field of computing, an avatar is a graphic element that identifies a user in a social network, a computer program or other digital tool or service. These are usually drawings or photographs, although there are also moving avatars.

In the apps and social networks that exist specifically for children, it has been established that the avatar can only be a drawing or a figure that they properly create within them. In this way, what is sought is that minors cannot be victims of sexual offenders who use the Internet to commit their misdeeds.

Instant messaging programs and forums often allow users to include avatars for identification purposes. Avatars are also used in role-playing games.

Finally, “Avatar” is the title of a film directed, written and produced by Canadian James Cameron, which became the highest grossing film in history. His story takes place on Pandora, a moon of a planet called Polyphemus where the Na’vi live. These extraterrestrial beings are in conflict with human beings since they live on a deposit of a mineral that could solve the energy problems of the Earth. In this framework, terrestrial scientists create the Avatar program, which allows “ transferring”the minds of people to artificial bodies of the Na’vi to interact on Pandora.

In 2009 was when the premiere of this feature film took place, starring actors such as Zoe Saldaña, Michelle Rodríguez, Sigourney Weaver or Sam Worthington. It has three Oscars for Best Photography, Best Art Direction and Best Special Effects.

Such is the success it achieved, it seems that there are four sequels that will be made of it. “Avatar 2″, for example, is already in full swing and is expected to hit the big screen very soon.

In the same way, we cannot forget that Avatar is the name of a Swedish metal band. This particular musical group was born in Gothenburg back in 2001. A total of six are the record albums that this formation has so far on the market, which has also achieved significant international success by writing a song about Sarah Kerrigan, which is the character of the famous video game Starcraft.

There is also “Avatar. The legend of aang”. It is a series of cartoons from the United States that revolves around the character that gives it its name, the last of a line of avatars.