Meaning of Avalanche

The term avalanche derives from avalance, a French word. The concept refers to an avalanche: a mass of snow or other matter that falls from a certain height or onto something else in a violent way.

In general, the idea of avalanche is used to refer to the landslide or snow in a downward direction. This displacement can drag the substrate and bury everything in its path.

Avalanches are often generated when the different layers of snow are not homogeneous and, therefore, one layer moves over another. Wind, rain, and changes in temperature can cause avalanches.

For example: “The avalanche at the ski center left a score of injured”, “Tragedy in the Alps: five tourists died in an avalanche”, “We have lost contact with the climbers after the avalanche”.

The notion can also be used in a symbolic sense. An avalanche, in this framework, can be a flood, a torrent or a flood of something: “Since it presented its new line of mortgage loans, the bank received an avalanche of inquiries”, “The avalanche of price increases is impoverishing the population ”, “ Avalanche of goals: the local team won 7-4 ”.

Avalanche, on the other hand, is the title of a film directed by Corey Allen, based on a novel by Frances Doel. Released in 1978, the film featured the performances of Robert Forster, Rock Hudson and Mia Farrow.

However, we cannot forget the existence of another film that uses the term at hand in its title. We are referring to “Operation Avalanche”, which was released in 2016. Matt Johnson is the director of it who tells how, in 1967, the CIA suspects that a Russian spy is infiltrating NASA.

A Marvel Comics character, who takes on the X-Men, is also called Avalanche. It first appeared in a magazine published in early 1981.

It was created by John Byrne and Chris Claremont. He appears as a mutant from Crete and has the peculiarity of possessing a singular power. Which one? It can create earthquakes capable of destroying an entire city as well as disintegrating substances found in living tissue.

It should also be noted that he is part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and that he is the father of the leader of the mutant children in the movie “Logan” (2017). This film came to complete the trilogy that is centered on the figure of Wolverine, who is played by actor Hugh Jackman.

Finally, “Avalancha” is an album that the Spanish rock band Héroes del Silencio released in 1995. In said album, there is a homonymous song to the title.

It is a record work, the fourth of the aforementioned band, which managed to become number 1 in Spain and which also hit the German charts with force. The song entitled “Avalancha” was composed by the singer of the group, Enrique Bunbury, and has a clear inspiration in heavy metal.

From this single, which was a boom at the time, it was noted that its author used a large number of symbols and metaphors to talk about what existential and transcendental doubts are.