Meaning of Appreciation

Before proceeding to know the meaning of the term appreciation, let us discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can establish that it is a word that derives from Latin. Specifically, it is the result of the sum of two clearly differentiated parts:
-The prefix “a-“, which means “towards”.
-The noun “pretium”, which is equivalent to “prize” or “reward”.

It is known as appreciation of the act and result of appreciating: that is, of valuing or estimating someone or something. Appreciation, in this way, can be equivalent to affection or affection. For example: “You know that I have a great appreciation for you, but I cannot allow you to act in this way within the company”, “I am sorry for what happens with Bautista: I appreciate him and his family”, “My father He has an appreciation for this house, so I cannot sell it. ”

If there were a scale of feelings, we could say that affection is less intense than love. That is to say: a father does not feel appreciation for his children, but loves them. The same occurs between the members of a couple or in other family ties. Instead, among coworkers or neighbors there may be an estimate such as appreciation and not love. This is due to the lack of emotional closeness or even the little knowledge that these people can have with each other.

One person can appreciate another by valuing and giving importance to aspects such as that he is respectful and pleasant, that he cares about others, that gives more importance to the interior than to the exterior, that facilitates coexistence or work…

We must also establish that there are many popular sayings and sayings that use the term appreciation at hand. An example of this is the following:
“There is no greater contempt than not appreciating.” With this, what comes to be expressed is that the best way to make it clear to someone that you have no interest in him and that he is not important at all is showing him indifference to what he says or does. In this way, the person who strictly follows the saying, will bet on being superior and not catching up with the other.

In the same way, we can determine that the antonym of appreciation is contempt. This is a term that is used to indicate that you have aversion, hatred, indifference and absolute disgust to another person, to an attitude, to an idea…

Appreciation, on the other hand, is used as a synonym for appreciation, a concept that refers to the increase in the price of one currency compared to another. When one currency appreciates against another, its value rises. For the appreciation to be possible, the exchange rate must not be fixed (since, in that case, the price would not change).

Suppose, in March, you can buy 500 guaranies with 1 peso. Then, in October, with 1 peso it is possible to acquire 700 guaranĂ­es. In this example, there was an appreciation of the weight with respect to the GuaranĂ­ over the months. Simultaneously, the GuaranĂ­ depreciated against the peso.