Meaning of Advance

The concept of advance refers to the act and the result of moving forward: moving forward; anticipate, increase or improve something. In some countries, advance is also used as a synonym for advance (budget or balance sheet).

For example: “Progress vehicles is delayed by an accident that occurred at the entrance to the bridge”, “The inauguration of this water treatment plant water is a major breakthrough for the region”, “The authorities are very concerned about the advance of drug trafficking ”.

An advance can be the movement that is made forward. If a man who was standing at the beginning of a trail begins to walk, he will begin to advance (that is, to advance in his journey).

It is important to note that the direction in which a body advances is always relative to certain factors, such as the orientation of its front side. In the case of human beings, we understand that the advance occurs when our body is directed towards a point from which our knees, our abdomen and our face can be seen, for example, three elements that are on the front side of our structure.

In the case of a living being or an unknown object for us, it is not easy to determine its different sides and for this reason it may happen that we do not know how to define its movements precisely. Of course, it is not always necessary to provide this information, but sometimes it is enough to indicate the direction in which a body is moving, as well as the speed and acceleration, among other issues.

A growth, whether symbolic or physical, can also be mentioned as progress: “If it continues to rain, we will not be in a position to stop the advance of the river”, “The country’s economy improved thanks to the advance of international trade”, “Mr. President, how do you plan to combat the advance of insecurity? ” .

The idea of progress, on the other hand, appears linked to improvement or optimization, many times achieved thanks to technological development: “I am surprised by the advancement of nanotechnology”, “Automation is an advance in our production process”.

The technology has gone from being something interesting to a few connoisseurs to become part of everyday life for most people. This does not mean that everyone understands the different processes and principles behind their favorite products; on the contrary, the market needs them not to focus behind the scenes, and for that it confuses them with fictitious technical terms created with a commercial focus.

Technological advances are one of the demands that consumers place on companies year after year as a condition to buy their new products. As it is not always possible to make significant leaps from previous technology, this absurd level of demand results in manufacturers misleading the public through tactics such as the aforementioned creation of flashy terms that give the impression of a revolution..

In the field of cinematography, one usually speaks of progress to name the fragment of a film that is broadcast, as a promotional or publicity, before the premiere: “Last night I saw the advances of the new Rocky Balboa film”, “In the advance and you can see the new superhero costume “.

Movie trailers don’t always reflect the true content audiences will find in movie theaters, and this can happen in any way – for the better or for the worse. As if this were not enough, it is very common for them to show scenes in which unknowns or mysteries of the story are solved, which ruin the experience of those who have not yet seen the film.