California – The Golden State

The state of California is located in the western United States and was not only praised and revered in the highest tones not only in many world-famous songs by the Beach Boys. The people of California are as diverse as the landscape, industry and history: in the most populous state of the United States, all ethnic groups meet. The proportion of Hispanos and Latinos is increasing steadily and is shaping the appearance of the huge cities of California to an ever greater extent. But California has so much more to offer…

A trip to California Dreaming…

In “Golden State California” there were and are not only gold mines to be discovered. The 424,000 km² state offers three different landscapes and climates, each of which invites you to a unique vacation. The west of the country is characterized by breathtaking cliffs, which are often blown out by fog, especially in the south. The cool air of the Pacific provides a pleasant cooling on the hot days of summer and rainy moments in winter. California is undoubtedly one of the most coveted surfing paradises in the world, so the beaches in summer are literally crowded with real surfing boys.

In total contrast to this California beach area are the immense and very impressive mountains of the Sierra Nevada, Klamath Mountains and the cascade chain. A blooming flora as well as unique summer views invite you to go hiking, biking, climbing and other outdoor activities. In winter, numerous winter sports enthusiasts use the immense amount of snow for extensive skiing and snowboarding. Finally, the appearance of the California paradise is shaped by a barren desert. The Mojave Desertstretches across the four states of Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California and has an average temperature of 45 degrees in the months from July to August. In addition to this extreme heat and the resulting barren and arid landscape, the special thing is the extreme temperature fluctuations: At night the temperature can drop to minus degrees. The most famous place of this desert in Las Vegas (Nevada), which extends like an oasis in the desert.
Like almost everywhere in the USA, numerous national parks can also be found in California and are really recommended. The special feature of Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park, Redwood and Yosemite National Park lie in its trees: Here you can find the tallest (coastal sequoia), thickest (giant sequoia) and oldest (awn-pine) trees.
California is particularly known for its “Fruit Belt”. In this particularly fertile area, exotic fruits such as dates or almonds, but also lemons, oranges, avocados and grapes are grown and exported to the USA and around the world. Because the area requires particularly extensive maintenance, it is one of the largest consumers of energy and groundwater in the United States.

Multicultural population

California replaced New York as the most populous state in 1965. Today the state has approximately 36.5 million residents with a total of 200 different languages. Even this number of the high variety of languages ​​suggests how many culturally diverse groups live here. In addition to the white-skinned Americans, the largest ethnic group is that of Hispanos and Latinos, who so far make up almost 40% of the population. Most of these Latin Americans come from Mexico: The area of ​​California has always been populated by many Mexicans (see “The History of California”). In addition, when a lot of cheap labor was later needed in the country’s growing industrial areas and the US immigration law was changed, Hispanos once again got a real boost to southern California.
The Hispanos come – and there is little space left for the Indians. The natives of the USA are also being driven out of California more and more, and with them the approximately 100 languages ​​they only speak are becoming extinct. So while one culture is becoming more and more established in California, the other is slowly dying out.

The History of California

The influence of Mexico

Like almost all parts of the USA, the history of California is shaped by various cultural groups that have settled in this area again and again. Before the first arrival of Europeans in the 16th century, over 70 different Indian tribes lived in what is now California. With the beginning of the colonial period, however, the Spaniards first claimed the beautiful area in western America in 1542 with Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo and in 1579 with Sir Francis Drake the English. After all, California was part of Spanish colonial rule from 1769. Mission sites were built under the Franciscan Junipero Serra: This was intended both to convert the Indians to Christianity through Franciscan monks and to make the Pacific Coast’s claim to the Spanish crown known. These mission sites have been preserved to this day and serve many tourists as an attractive sightseeing destination. In addition to the mission sites, Europeans are also starting to build civil settlements and military fortifications. After Mexico’s independence in 1821, the area was claimed by the Mexicans and consequently became a Mexican province. This creates a hostility between Mexicans and Americans that continued for several decades. After the Californians declared their independence and the USA declared war on the Mexicans, they were forced to withdraw from California as well as from the other occupied states of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. In addition to the mission sites, Europeans are also starting to build civil settlements and military fortifications. After Mexico’s independence in 1821, the area was claimed by the Mexicans and consequently became a Mexican province. This creates a hostility between Mexicans and Americans that continued for several decades. After the Californians declared their independence and the USA declared war on the Mexicans, they were forced to withdraw from California as well as from the other occupied states of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.

Eventually, California became the 31st state in the United States in 1850.

California in gold rush

Even today, the state of California is known worldwide as the “golden state”. This name originated in the middle of the 19th century when the first unspeakably valuable mineral resources were found. Especially in the valley of the Sacramento River, the gold hunters almost never got out of their gold rush. No consideration was given to the Indians, so that they were literally driven out in the days of insatiable gold washers and collectors.

Most popular cities and sights

When you think of California, you usually first think of the metropolis of Los Angeles alongside the capital, Sacramento. The second largest city in the USA is a real tourist attraction in itself and has so far been home to the largest Mexican community in the USA. In addition, “Our Lady of the Angels” can be discovered in Los Angeles. This cathedral is a former Spanish mission station, which was rebuilt according to a postmodern interpretation and is therefore an absolutely worthwhile travel destination for culture lovers. If you want to see Los Angeles from a very exclusive side, you have the perfect opportunity in Hollywood. Here you can discover the two most famous film studios Warner Brothers and Universal Studios. Two very special California landmarks can be found in San Francisco: Firstly, the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge, which is one of the seven longest suspension bridges in the world. Second, is special San Francisco shaped by the “Painted Ladies”. These multicolored painted wooden houses from the 19th century can be found in numerous streets and give the city a very unique charm. There are also cable cars to admire here.

Bookworms who want to make a real discovery away from the mainstream are in good hands in San Marino. There is the world-famous Huntington Library here. This educational and research facility has a unique collection, a total of five million manuscripts, half a million books, 600,000 photographs and a large art collection. Attached to this unique facility is a botanical garden that rounds off the overall concept of intellectual flair.
Of course, in addition to these listed sights, each national park in the country is a tourist attraction in itself, which should not be missed.

Who has never dreamed of visiting California? The trendy destination in the United States reserves incredible landscapes and places so unusual that it is difficult not to fall in love with the state. San Francisco is one of those destinations that live in the imagination of travelers. After all, it is one of the most famous cities in the world, with tourist attractions worthy of postcards and an effervescent culture.

The Golden Gate is the postcard of San Francisco. Although it does not own any record, it is considered a landmark in architecture thanks to its unmistakable design, innovation for the time, and its extremely striking red-orange tone. To observe the Golden Gate, it is possible to rent a bicycle and visit its viewpoints on the coast of San Francisco or simply take the car and cross it to Sausalito.

California – the land of unlimited possibilities. LA, Hollywood, mountains, foggy coasts, hot deserts, beaches, sea – a true dream state.

California is located in the western United States and is by far the most populous state. The fact that five cities in California are among the top 50 in the United States does not come from anywhere. Among them, San Francisco, by far the most diverse city in the USA, at number 1. From diverse metropolises, wide sandy beaches as far as the eye can see to numerous nature parks – in California there is pretty much everything.

Cities like Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose are just waiting to be explored. Whether surfing, skiing (and on the same day!) Lying on the beach, shopping, spending the day at Universal Studios or Disney Land, there are tons of activities to do here.

The Californians in particular are very friendly, have a rather relaxed lifestyle and have their own slang, with words like “hella” and “like”.

The Southwest of the United States is known for having many famous national parks. First and foremost is the Grand Canyon, but also Monument Valley, Yosemite National Park , Death Valley as well as Zion and Bryce Canyon National Park are at the top of the list for many travelers to the USA. The national parks have breathtaking nature with fascinating rock formations, large granite mountains, roaring waterfalls and canyons in the most beautiful colors. The different landscapes create impressive contrasts and show the many facets of the region. But not so well-known parks, such as the Petrified Forest National Park, the Canyon de Chelly National Monument or many of the state parks in the region have their charm. The view of the huge Pacific Ocean, the beautiful coasts and many small towns right on the shore invite you to linger and are the right thing to unwind.

The cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles are very diverse and popular destinations for visitors to the Southwest. A city tour is just the right thing to explore a city of over a million people with particular ease. The shimmering gaming paradise of Las Vegas is also worth a visit. And action and fun are guaranteed in the various theme parks in California. The Universal Studios in Los Angeles and Disneyland in Anaheim shows, attractions and rides offer for the whole family. The Southwest awaits you with a wide range of cultural activities. You can see the various museums, but you can also take part in regular events and festivals.

In winter, beautiful ski areas await you at Lake Tahoe and Mammoth Mountain. Here you can combine the fun of skiing with spectacular views of the lake, the Nevada desert and the fascinating mountains. There is just the right slope for every ski fan. But also everyone who loves water sports will get their money’s worth here: You can swim, fish or go canoeing in numerous lakes and rivers.

The Southwest of the United States has the ideal travel destinations all year round. The period from March to October is particularly suitable for a round trip by car, motorcycle or camper. The famous metropolises in the southwest are easy to travel in every season to spend exciting days there.